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June 13
12:30 PMKYIVChris Catrambone, US entrepreneur and founder of MOAS;

Igor Shekhtman, director of MOAS;

Dr Inna Dymeter, MOAS doctor;

Yuri Sroka, MOAS critical care nurse;

Justin Marozzi, UK writer and co-editor of MOAS book;

Iryna Savchuk, Ukrainian journalist and co-editor of MOAS book;
– a panel discussion and a book presentation for Sirens of Hope: The MOAS Mission to Save Lives in Ukraine.

Topics of focus:
– How has an entirely privately funded initiative emerged as the key evacuator of critically injured soldiers in Ukraine?
– How did MOAS get involved in Ukraine?
– What kinds of injuries are the medics seeing?
– How is combat medicine changing?
– What more can be done to support such a vital medical service?
– How can the outside world help?

Why this is interesting:

The largest provider of emergency evacuation services to the armed forces of Ukraine, launches its new Ukrainian-language book, Sirens of Hope: The MOAS Mission to Save Lives in Ukraine. The book, designed and produced in Kyiv, tells the personal stories of the remarkable Ukrainian medics in their own words. For reference: MOAS, the international humanitarian non-governmental organization, has been working in Ukraine since the start of the war and has now saved more than 45,000 lives. It employs 150 teams of all-Ukrainian medics in 50 ambulances supplied with state-of-the-art life-saving equipment. MOAS receives no government funding and relies entirely on fundraising to keep its operation costing USD 1 million a month on the road.