Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
May 10
10:00 AM KHARKIVOlha Bezpalova – Director of the Department of Science and Education of KhOVA
– Oleksandr Sydorenko – Director of the Kharkiv Regional Center for Educational Quality Assessment

-Briefing: “Preparation for the national multi-subject testing in Kharkiv region”
01:00 PMKHARKIV– Serhiy Usov – Public Council at KhOVA, NGO “Stop Corruption”
-Ruslan Mizerkevych – member of the Council of Volunteers in Kharkiv region, CF “Trust of the Nation”
-Olena Vynnyk – working group at the Ministry of Social Policy, CO CF “Kharkiv Station”
– Oleksandr Stasiuk – member of the Board of Volunteers, Rotary community
-Svitlana Svitlichna – volunteer, CF “Strong Family – Free Ukraine”
-Briefing: “Public control of budget expenditures and targeted use of humanitarian aid”
12:00 PM KYIV– Bohdan Solomykin, analyst at the Analytical Center for Information Resources;
– Oleksandr Oleshko, analyst at the Analytical Center for Information Resources.

All in person.
Presentation: Presentation: “Cyber Defense Strategies: Effective Solutions in Ukraine and Ongoing Measures to Counter russian Threats”

Why is it interesting?
During the conference, representatives from the NGO “Analytical Center for Information Resources” will unveil several cutting-edge technologies aimed at safeguarding the nation’s cyber domain. These include software enabling military personnel to access data from russian devices and an app for monitoring data exchanges on platforms like Telegram messaging service.

For reference:
The NGO “Analytical Center for Information Resources” focuses on countering disinformation and assessing risks tied to social media usage, encryption, and software defenses against cyber intrusions or data breaches. Positioned as an R&D hub for cyber analytics and security solutions, the organization is dedicated to enhancing user safety.

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1:30 PMKYIV– Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, Chairman of the Board of NEC Ukrenergo (in person)
Briefing: “Assessment of Ukraine’s power infrastructure following russian fifth significant missile and drone assault”

Topics of focus:
– Present scenario situation;
– How much financial and technical support has Ukrenergo secured for the restoration efforts;
– Overall financial status of the power system operator in 2023.