Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
January 10
11:00 AM
KHARKIV-Ihor Turchenko – director of SE “Roads of the Kharkiv Region”

– Briefing: “Operation of local roads in winter. Elimination of the consequences of bad weather by road workers”
12:00 PMKYIV– Svitlana Kashenets, Deputy Minister for Veteran Affairs;

– Ihor Krytsak, Coordinating Manager at the United States Air Force Trials competition;

– Olena Yanovska, Head Coach of the team that will compete in the United States Air Force Trials;

– Ivan Naumenko, Director of Strategic Initiatives Department of “Come Back Alive”;

– Anna Bielorusova, Chief Operating Officer at the Centre for Strategic Communications StratCom Ukraine;

– Oleksandra Lokhvytska, Head of the Program Department at the Ukrainian Veterans Foundation

All in person.
Announcement of the team to compete in the United States Air Force Trials 2024

Topics of focus:
– How were the participants selected and the competition held?
– What were the main selection criteria?
– How did Ukraine manage to get an invitation to participate in the United States Air Force Trials 2024?
– Why does our team prioritize not just winning medals, but fostering a meaningful exchange of experiences and expressing gratitude?

Why this is interesting:
The United States Air Force Trials is an adaptive sports competition for wounded members of the United States Air Force and Marine Corps. The competition will take place in March 2024 in Las Vegas (Nevada).
Ukraine will be represented by 30 participants at the competition. They were selected by a special commission based on the results of the All-Ukrainian adaptive sports competitions held in mid-December in Kyiv.