Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
June 5
11:00 АMKYIV– Ruslana Velychko-Trifonyuk, First Deputy Executive Director of the Ukrainian Veterans Fund;

– Svitlana Musiyaka, Head of Research and Policy Development at the Independent Anti-Corruption Commission (NAKO);

– Liubomyr Mysiv, Deputy Director of Sociological Group “Rating”;

– Oksana Hryhoryeva, Gender Advisor to the Commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces;

– Mariya Berlinska, veteran, military volunteer;

– Yulia Kirillova, veteran, Ukrainian Veterans Fund analyst;

In-person attendance of all participants.

Event moderator:
Natalia Sokolenko, journalist.
Special event: “Veterans and the military: respect vs. discrimination”

The event will include a presentation of the research: “Discrimination against different social groups in the Armed Forces of Ukraine: views of Military and Civilians.”

Topics of focus:

– Over 15% of Ukraine’s population will be relevant to the veteran services after the end of the Russian-Ukrainian war – the country’s readiness
– Discrimination against the military in the Armed Forces. Which categories are the most vulnerable, and why this issue is essential to explore?
– Respect for veterans as a key to productive communication between the state and society;
– How the attitude towards women in the Armed Forces and society has changed since 2014. Is “positive discrimination” a challenge?
– Soldiers with injuries: to the rear, battle, or home? The military’s answer.
2:00 PMKYIV– Inna Sovsun, MP, initiator of the draft law on registered partnerships (in person);

– Alyona Gruzina, Culturologist, Communication Specialist at “Gender in Detail” (online)

– Andrii Kravchuk, advocacy expert at NASH SVIT Center, Veteranka Foundation representative (in person);

– Maksym Potapovych, Media and Communication Manager at the NGO “Ukrainian LGBT+ Military” (in person);

– Dmytro Havryliuk (Moralis), Head of the Executive Committee at the NGO “Ukrainian LGBT+ Military”
(in person)
Panel discussion entitled: “LGBT community and society. What has changed since the full-scale war outbreak?”

Topics of focus:

– Change in attitude towards the LGBT community and society since the beginning of the full-scale invasion
– Are there any signs of discrimination against LGBT people at the front and in the army?
– Draft law on registered partnerships;
3:30 PMKYIV– Yulia Laputina, Minister for Veteran Affairs of Ukraine;

– Ilona Voloshyna, National Team Lead of the Invictus Games in Ukraine;

– Olena Yanovska, Head Coach of the Invictus Games 2023 National Team;

In-person attendance of all participants.
Press conference entitled: “Announcement of the Invictus Games National Team to represent Ukraine in Düsseldorf 2023 international competitions”

Why is it interesting
The Invictus Games in Ukraine is the world’s largest veteran adaptive sports competition. It aims to create new opportunities for wounded and injured Ukrainian veterans and service members, supporting them in physical recovery, psychological rehabilitation, and social integration.

At the end of April, Lviv hosted the Invictus Games All-Ukrainian competition, resulting in the selection committee forming the national team to represent Ukraine at the Invictus Games 2023 to be held in Dusseldorf in September.