Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
April 4
11:00 AM

ODESAOleksii Chornyi, head of the coordination humanitarian headquarters of the Odesa region (in person);

ADDITIONALLY: During the briefing at 11.00 a.m. Oleksiy Chorny will report on the year of Odesa region coordination humanitarian headquarters operation and will announce the competition for the position of the new headquarter`s chief.
Topics of focus:

– Report for March;
– Work in the liberated territories of southern Ukraine;
– International cooperation;
12:00 PMODESAPavlo Koval, General Director of the Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (online);

Topics of focus:

– The start of the sowing campaign – what problems do farmers solve?
– Perspectives for the harvest – should we expect a shortage of some products?
– Provision of seed material, fuel and lubricants, fertilizers, agricultural machinery;
– Do Ukrainian farmers have enough workers?
– Support from the government and international partners;
– What kind of products will get cheaper?
10:00 AM LVIV

Attention! Briefing is canceled.

Roman Hapachylo, Kolegi Studio team leader, sketch show “Ours without russia”, volunteer, external advisor to the Lviv Mayor on sports infrastructure;


Topics of focus:


– Humour in time of war: humorous and patriotic projects;
– “Bandera Cars” for the frontline;

11:30 PM
KYIVVitalii Usatyi, Chargé d’affaires at the Ukrainian Embassy in Prague (online)Topics of focus:
– A year of war in Ukraine through the eyes of the Czechs – the mood of Czech society;
– Military support and assistance to Ukraine;
– Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic – adaptation, socialization, statistics;
– Russia UN Security Council presidency – what is the Czech position?
12:00 PMKYIVYevhen Kramarenko, Head of the State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone (Chernobyl) (in person)Topic of focus:
– Anniversary of the Chornobyl zone de-occupation – situation at the Chornobyl NPP after the liberation.
1:00 PMKYIV– Hew Strachan, Professor of International Relations (in person);
– Phillips O’Brien, Professor of Strategic Studies (in person);
– Marc De Vore, Professor of Practice in International Relations (in person);
– Stephen Gethins, Professor of Practice at the School of International Affairs (in person);
– Kristen Harkness, Senior Lecturer in International Relations, Researcher in Ethnic Politics and Conflict Studies (in person).
Special event: “War in Ukraine: Development, Trends, Consequences”

Discussion in the Russian-Ukrainian war with a delegation of advisors from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs of the United Kingdom and the United States, academic experts from the Institute for the Study of War and Strategy at University of St Andrews.

Topics of focus:
– Behind the scenes of military aid: who is helping Ukraine, how and why?
– Expectations and reality: the war in Ukraine in the eyes of Western experts;
– Conclusions and trends: how will the Ukrainian war affect the world’s armies and the military-industrial complex?
– Forecasts and scenarios: who, how and by what means is engaged in strategic modeling?