Kyiv Lviv Kharkiv Odesa
November 1
01:00 PMKHARKIV Roman Semenukha – deputy head of KhOVA
-Oleh Pul – head of the KhOVA Veterans Affairs Department

-Briefing: “Beginning of implementation in the Kharkiv region of the experimental project “Veteran’s Assistant”
12:00 PM KYIV– Oksana Romaniuk, Executive Director of the Institute of Mass Information (IMI) (in person);

– Volodymyr Zelenchuk, IMI lawyer (online); 

– Olha Vdovenko, lawyer at Human Rights Platform (in person);

– Lidiia Chorna, social psychologist at the Institute of Social and Political Psychology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (in person)

Press conference entitled: “Disinformation and rhetoric of genocide: how russia fights against Ukrainians in the media space?”

Topics of focus:
– How is data collected in the media space in Ukraine and which russian narratives have a chance to become an evidence base for The Hague?
– What key messages is russia pushing?
– What social fault lines does the enemy aim at, and do they succeed?
– How can you develop resistance and what can each of us do for this?

Why this is interesting: 
In 2023 the Human Rights Platform researchers have recorded double the amount of disinformation on the Internet. Moreover, propagandists are not limited to the space of Ukraine and russia, but generously conduct informational attacks around the world to undermine the confidence of allies and demonize Ukrainians who moved to other countries due to the war.
2:00 PMKYIV– Olga Halchenko, International Renaissance Foundation;

– Oksana Koliada, Place of Opportunities NGO;

– Ihor Abramiuk, All-Ukrainian Association of Communities;

All in person
Press conference entitled: “Launch of a project to prepare communities for the veterans’ return to civilian life”

Why this is interesting: 
Place of Opportunities NGO together with the All-Ukrainian Association of Communities and with the support of the International Renaissance Foundation are launching an All-Ukrainian project to prepare communities for the return of veterans to civilian life.
The project is to include: strategic sessions for 10 selected communities from different parts of the country, based on the results of which a veteran policy implementation plan will be formed, which will be integrated into the development of community resilience, strengthening of local security, local social and economic development; checking the efficiency of local veteran policy support programs; involvement in the work of veteran spaces, as one of the effective tools of reintegration into civilian life of our target audience.
In addition, 100 heads of communities and villages from all over Ukraine will receive training on the development and implementation of veteran policies over the course of the project.