April 12, 2024, 17:44

ANNOUNCEMENT: Ukraine and Bulgaria will host the Second Black Sea Security Conference of the International Crimea Platform in Sofia

Date: 14-15 April
Location: Sofia, Bulgaria
Media accreditation for the event: until 13.04.2024 by email: [email protected] 
The event will also be broadcast online.

The Russian aggression against Ukraine undermined the security of the Black Sea and Azov Sea regions as well as that of the whole of Europe and the world. To develop effective strategies in response to existing challenges and ensure sustainable development for all peace-loving states of the region, Ukraine and Bulgaria will jointly host the Second Black Sea Security Conference in Sofia on April 14-15.

The conference is co-organized by the Ministries of Foreign Affairs and Defense of Ukraine and Bulgaria in partnership with the Centre for Defense Strategies (Ukraine).

Delegations from 42 countries and 8 international organizations will take part in the conference.

Conference participants will analyze the impact of Russian aggression on the security situation in the Black Sea-Azov Sea region and beyond. They will discuss response strategies to existing threats and the future of regional security. The implementation of the Ukrainian Peace Formula will also be a key topic of discussion.

Agenda of the Conference

PRE-DAY || Expert dimension by Crimea Platform Expert Network
 (April 14)

1. Panel Discussion “Strategic Overview of Security Situation in the Black and Azov Sea, Prospects and Future.”

2. Panel Discussion “World in Global Changes: Vision on Moving Forward Global and BAS Security from Different Perspectives.”

3. Special Session “Russian Practices of Eliminating Freedom of Speech in the Temporary Occupied Crimea.”

4.  Panel Discussion “Information Impact Weapons: How Russia Destabilizes the Black Sea Region.”

MAIN DAY || Political-military level (April 15)

1. Panel Discussion “Joint Efforts for Safeguarding Stability in the Challenging Geopolitical Landscape.”

2. Panel Discussion “Winning the Battle for the Black Sea: Military Strategy for Ukraine.”

3.  Panel Discussion “Ensuring Maritime Stability: International Organizations and Black Sea Security.”

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