May 30, 2023, 15:54

Announcement: The Media Center Ukraine-Lviv is preparing the events for the Children’s Day on 1 June

1.12.30 pm – opening of the photo exhibition “Lost Childhood” dedicated to Ukrainian children killed in the war

Location: Rynok Square


Yulia Lozynska, editor of the Memorial Memory platform

Why is it interesting?

The Memorial Memory platform, which has been telling the stories of Ukraine’s civilian and military casualties in the war since March 2022, initiated the commemoration of the children. The exhibition will be open to the public on 1 June from 12 pm to 6 pm at Rynok Square.

2.1.30 pm – Panel discussion: Testimonies of russian war crimes against Ukrainian children


Yulia Lozynska, editor of the Memorial Memory Platform; 

Arie Mora, representative of the Ukrainian Legal Advisory Group, Coalition “Ukraine. Five in the Morning”; 

Volodymyr Frydrak, acting head of the Department for Children’s Services at the Lviv City Council.

Current issues:

– Testimonies of the Stories of dead children: The Work of the Memorial Memory Platform;

– Abduction of children by the russians – how does propaganda influence children, and how to fight it;

– Which obstacles prevent the return of all Ukrainian children from deportation;

– What are the mechanisms for bringing russia to justice for this crime;

– How does Lviv help children affected by the war;

Additional information:

More than 1469 children have suffered in Ukraine due to russia’s full-scale armed aggression. 483 children were killed, and more than 986 received injuries of varying severity. It is only official data from the Office of the General Prosecutor of Ukraine. But these data are not final, and the number of children affected may be much more.

Work is underway to install them in the areas of hostilities, on the temporarily occupied and liberated territories. Another russian war crime is the abduction of Ukrainian children under the guise of evacuation. In the occupied territories, the russians resorted to mass deportations of children, which continue to this day. According to the National Information Bureau, russians deported almost 20,000 children. Ukraine managed to return only 373 children.

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