March 2, 2023, 17:07

Almost fifty Redan PMC social media channels have already been blocked in Ukraine — Police

“The police have blocked almost fifty channels and groups of that kind, identified 45 administrators of these channels created to promote this youth movement and destabilize the situation in our country,” said Yaroslav Shanko, Deputy Head of the Juvenile Prevention Directorate of the National Police.

According to the official, the cyber police, together with other operatives, are currently identifying such channels’ funding sources, as well as their administrators and organizers.

Shanko said that in less than a week, the National Police documented over 40 Redan groups youth meetings in 17 regions of Ukraine.

“There are other subcultures in Ukraine young people are members of, but none of them commit any illegal acts, and neither does their activity cause such a stir. It shows that this particular subculture is an artificially developed one,” the police officer said.

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