March 6, 2023, 17:45

Air Force reveal how russians disguise drones from Ukrainian air defense

Yurii Ihnat, Spokesperson of the Air Force Command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that the russians use the terrain and riverbeds when launching drones so that their UAVs could remain unnoticed to achieve their goals.

He made this statement at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform, answering a question about the direction from which the russians currently launch the most drones.

“Before this, there was one direction — this was before the de-occupation of the right bank of the Dnipro river. UAVs used to fly from Crimea, from the Crimean Peninsula, as well as from the occupied territory of Kherson region. Following the de-occupation of Kherson region on the right side of the Dnipro, they moved further into the occupied territory. And later, they began to strike with “Shaheds” from the eastern shore of the Azov Sea. This is the direction from which the UAVs were observed most often. Then they were met by the “East” air command in the east of the country, as well as the “South” air command. And then, when they were already flying along the Dnipro, reaching the central regions, in particular Kyiv, they were shot down by the “Center” air command,” — Ihnat said.

However, “now it seems that for the third time, “Shaheds” have been launched precisely from the north, bryansk region,” the Spokesman said.

“We saw, several months ago, that there were sightings of UAVs launched from the territory of belarus, in particular. The planes flew in along the Dnipro back then, I mean at the beginning of the invasion, that’s how they launched UAVs as well. The enemy uses both the terrain and riverbeds so that both rockets and “Shaheds” could remain unnoticed to fly on and reach their goals. But our servicemen have already practiced how to counter these tactical methods and, as you can see, there are results — the rate of downed missiles and UAVs is rather decent”, — Spokesperson of the Air Force Command noted.

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