Photo by Media Center Ukraine – Odesa: Velizar Shalamanov, former minister of defense of Republic of Bulgaria and chairman of NATO communications and information organization
July 13, 2023, 16:57

After the Kakhovka hydroelectric dam was blown up, russian propaganda trues to disrupt the tourist season in Bulgaria – former defense minister

However, the water conditions off the Bulgarian coast have not deteriorated. This was stated by Velizar Shalamanov, former Minister of Defense of Bulgaria, at a briefing at the Media Center Ukraine – Odesa. 

“Bulgarian Minister of Environment Julian Popov is doing everything possible to improve the ability to test water quality. But now we have no data on the existence of any problems. However, there is an ongoing information campaign in the country to disrupt the tourist season in Bulgaria so that people are afraid to come to our Black Sea coast,” – the former minister said.

He added that although there is no evidence of water deterioration off the Bulgarian coast, Bulgaria hopes that the harmful effects will be limited to the Gulf of Odesa.

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