October 17, 2023, 17:25

A comedy rock drama about totalitarianism and violence will be shown in Lviv

The French playwright Eugène Ionesco’s “The Lesson” will be presented for the first time in Lviv. The play will feature rock motifs performed live by the Sunflowers orchestra of the Voskresinnia Theatre. Representatives of the theatre told more about the play production at a briefing at the Ukraine-Lviv Media Center.

“The fate of the aggressors is similar. All those people turn into a desert. And rock music best conveys the theme of aggression and destruction, so we added this interpretation”, said Alla Fedoryshyna, Director and Honoured Artist of Ukraine, at the briefing.

The play “Lesson” will premiere on 19 October at the Voskresinnia Theatre in Lviv.

“The play was written in the post-war period, in 1949. Ionesco didn’t like the theatre at all. That is classical, dramatic theatre. He loved puppet theatre. That’s why, probably, in almost all of his plays, the characters resemble puppets. It’s like someone is controlling them”, says Petro Mykytiuk, actor of the Voskresinnia Theatre, Honoured Artist of Ukraine.

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