November 22, 2023, 16:42

A building that has been deteriorating for at least 10 years was inspected in the UNESCO area of Odesa – the results of the inspection are still unknown

In Odesa, at least two architectural monuments in the UNESCO area are being destroyed: the Foucault and Magner houses opposite the Odesa City Council. On November 15, inspectors from the regional administration inspected the former. The results of the inspection have not yet been made public – a member of the city council will demand the publication of the document. 

This was stated by Olga Kvasnitska, a member of the Odesa City Council, at a briefing at the Ukraine-Odesa Media Center. According to her, in the future, criminal proceedings will also be opened on non-compliance with the legislation on the preservation of architectural monuments of national importance.

“Fuk’s house, which once housed the regional statistical office, is actually destroyed. And although the owner promised to preserve it, he has not done so. This poses a danger to the neighboring houses. Now, after the rains, Fuk’s estate is flooded and is destroying the neighboring Magner’s house. Tomorrow, at a meeting of the executive committee, the mayor’s office wants to recognize the Magner house as an emergency. This is a profanation. This is actually shifting their obligations to the residents of the condominium that serves the neighboring house,” the deputy said.

Kvasnitska argues that any restoration, repair, and construction work in the UNESCO historic area should require a permit from the international organization. This is difficult for the residents themselves and will require the support of local authorities.

Lawyer Oleh Ryzhenko, who is currently defending the interests of the residents of the Magner House, said that before the full-scale invasion began, his clients expected the city authorities to repair the architectural monuments.

“Since 2019, people have been counting on the ‘Great Restoration’ program, which did not take place. Now the mayor’s office wants to hold an executive committee, declare the building an emergency and evict the residents. But people want to stay in their apartments,” Ryzhenko said.

The Ukraine-Odesa Media Center is ready to provide representatives of UNESCO, local and regional authorities, and the owners of the Foucault House with an opportunity to speak about the future of the monument.

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