Thomas Ewing, Associate Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform
February 28, 2023, 17:20

  10th sanctions package from the U.S. and the UK will be very effective, but russia’s ability to evade sanctions must be focused on in the future — Thomas Ewing

There is a clear focus on existing sanctions in the 10th sanctions package. Sanctions against Big Data technologies and technological advancement will prevent russia from implementing modern technologies in the war. Thomas Ewing, Associate Fellow at Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), spoke about this at a briefing at Media Center Ukraine — Ukrinform.

“I think you’ll see some efforts in the U.S. to significantly increase capabilities both at the Department of Commerce and the Department of Treasury to enforce sanctions, which will be very good. You’re seeing a clear and renewed focus on multilateralism in the sanctions announcement. You are seeing the announcements on the importance of enforcement from Germany, from France, from the U.S., from the UK. An increasing use of secondary sanctions tools will be the most important way for U.S. sanctions, especially, to start to hit actors outside of the core sanctions coalition. Sanction evasion is able to take place through countries and places like Central Asia, East Asia as well as Eastern Europe. For those countries that don’t get involved in the original sanctions coalition, the option to deploy secondary sanctions against companies that are actually directly facilitating sanctions evasion is an important tool that the U.S. hasn’t deployed as much in the russian context so far. That, I think, will be a significant change in the future,” — Thomas Ewing said.

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